Nano Gigashima

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General Info
Species Plant/Beent
Age 22
Height 15'11
"Unless Money is involved i refuse to get out of bed "

Nano is the daughter of Jay and Mana, she serves as the main mascot of Dumplis. She is a tomboy contrast to her twin sister, Stacy. She's commonly known for her lack of reliability and her narcassistic behaviour. Nano is infamously known to scam others of money or steal objects she considers valuable to her in the moment.


Due to her narcassistic nature, she considers herself better than others, even when proven wrong she continues to act cocky. She is also rude, calling people slurs and insults without thinking. Nano is nice and caring to those close to her, however her form of showing this can be considered subpar at best even when she's trying.


Nano Gigashima is a Plant/Bug hybrid, with black hair resembling mandibles, and peach skin. She stands at 8 feet tall, and has tits 2x bigger than her head and a phat ass. She wears an 'American Blue' hoodie, and despite posessing pants, she chooses not to wear any for her own sake, finding them far too uncomfortable to wear. She also wears Black and White sneakers paired with oversized socks.


Stacy Gigashima
"How do we get home now nano?"

Nano has a close relationship with her twin sister stacy, Their relationship is at time questionable by nanos actions, Stacy often gets dragged into Nano's Antics often times also including her to become pantsless with her sister simply to stop nano from arguing about why pants arent worth wearing. Nanos life revolves around causing micheif and trouble while Stacys likes to persue in helping others.

Mana Gigashima
"Get a job"

Nanos relationship with her mother Mana isnt the best. While Mana doesn't hate Nano by any means, she does not like her lazy attitude nor her lack of drive to do anything productive with herself. On the flip side, Nano doesn't like her mom's traditional way of thinking, and disrespects her often, giving her back talk or blatantly ignoring any requests from her mother. When Nano was younger they had an easier time getting along in recent years their relationship strains more every day.

Jay Gigashima
"you love causing trouble dont you? "

Nanos relationship with her dad is somewhat close they dont get along as they used to, Nanos constant antics and attitude causes jay to get agitated when he has to be the one to bail her out of real trouble. Although they have their moments of bonding they most of the times get interrupted by nano.


  1. Anna was originally named nano but this was later changed to Nano
  2. Nano is the first OC ive made
  3. Nano's personality comes from kumatora while her design was inspired by TESS
  4. Nano's name was inspired by Nano Shinonome from Nichijou